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Seton Clock

*Parent Child Interaction *Smooth & Uninjured hand *Safety Material *Soft Color System *Hand Eye Coordination.

Number Game

-Hours of puzzle fun -Develop Early Math Skill -Ideal Preparation for school -Boost confidence and Self-Esteem  

Match it! Numbers

-Time to learn numbers can be really fun. -Numbers Matching Puzzle by the Learning Journey is the perfect teaching game for it! -The matching game will help you learn numbers in a unique and fun way! -Develops skills: numbers, counting, thinking skills, observation

3D Numbers Tray (Wooden)

Wooden Colorful 3D Numbers Tray 1.Includes 0-9 Numbers in a Wooden Storage Tray. 2.Includes Symbols ( +,-,*,/,=) 3.Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills. 4.Bright Colors with different Illustrations.

IQ Game

*SmartGames is the worldwide leader in multi-level, logic- based family fun games. *A fun and exciting single-player brainteaser game *This puzzle game is perfect for children aged 6 years plus; encouraging them to develop key cognitive skills. *There are 120 fun challenges to complete

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