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Operation Box

Product Details: -Wooden number cards and counting rods arithmetic sets with a box for baby kids to start early education -Wooden "calculator" helps teach math skills, patterning, and color recognition, Rods can help kids understand math better -Let baby recognize numbers and understand the relationship between number and quantity -Includes 100 * number card, 100 * counting rods, 1 * clock, 3 * chalk, 1 * blackboard, 1 * eraser and 1 wooden box. Great set for learning beginning math-as the child learns to count using abstract symbols and quantities.

Wooden Puzzles with alphabets

Benefits: *Improved Memory. Solving puzzles help reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. ... *Better Problem-Solving Skills. ... *Improved Visual-Spatial Reasoning. ... *More Education Opportunities. ... *Increased IQ. ... *Improved Mood. ... *Lower Stress Levels

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